Scraper 刮板 (Curve Shape 曲线造型)

U$ 2.47


产品详情 Product info:

  1. 刮板适用于7cm宽度的土司模。
    The scraper is suitable for loaf mold with a width of 7cm.
  2. 每个刮板和高度调节都有保护膜,请撕掉再使用。
    Each scraper and height adjuster has a protective film, please tear it off before use.
  3. 如果您之前已经购买了高度调节卡,就无需再购买。所有造型的刮板都可以与相同的高度调节器一起使用。
    If you have already purchased a height adjuster before, you do not need to buy it again. All scrapers can be used with the same height adjuster.